2009 : ni un vrai Bordeaux, ni un grand millésime

I was qualified after 2009 en primeurs tasting by a charming colleague of mine, Angélique de L, as “the only man who did not like 2009”. After the tasting held on Tuesday, June 26, I can say with confidence that I am no longer the only one.

The tasting was very promising: the three Léovilles, Gruaud-Larose, Beychevelle, Moulin Riche for Saint-Julien, and a few crus Bourgeois (Le Crock, Sociando-Mallet, Chasse-Spleen) for comparison.

The results were appalling, although not disappointing to me (but to the others). If I want to drink Port, I buy Port, and when I want a super strong red, I drink Châteauneuf, but when I want Bordeaux I do not want 2009.

The few wines that pleased me somehow were Chasse-Spleen, very good, fair price, nothing you can blame. Gruaud-Larose, one of my favorites at the time, confirms the great esteem I hold him in. But the others! The worst value ever!

I generally state that most crus classes are too young to really be appreciated at such a young age, but in that case the vintage is already open and sometimes well evolved, so it is not my conclusion. I give it little future. When I taste the same wines in relatively poor vintages like 2002 or 2004, the pleasure that I get from it is far above: well balanced, deep and complex, not as powerful but much more elegant, and a fantastic value…

Among the disastrous tasting, other than the two previously mentioned, I was surprised by Beychevelle, generally not one of my favorite estates, which was quite good.

My beloved estates, Poyferré and Las Cases, did not fare so well. But after this tasting I understand what makes a ‘100 point’ wine. Well, it is definitely not for me!

Next time we will travel to the right bank, let us hope that it will show a better side of 2009…

Average hierarchy (five tasters, all wine professionals)

  1. Chasse-Spleen
  2. Ex-aequo Moulin Riche & Beychevelle
  3. Gruaud-Larose
  4. Léoville-Las-Cases
  5. Léoville-Barton
  6. Léoville-Poyferré
  7. Le Crock
  8. Sociando-Mallet

My personal opinion

  1. Chasse-Spleen
  2. Beychevelle
  3. Gruaud-Larose
  4. Sociando-Mallet
  5. Le Crock
  6. Moulin Riche
  7. Léoville-Poyferré
  8. Léoville-Las-Cases
  9. Léoville-Barton




I tasted the wines over the week, since we were only five for nine bottles, some was left in the decanters. I confirm my judgment. I would only add that Sociando-Mallet is a reliable 2009, not great but fairly good. Barton has a good first sip, the after taste is catastrophic! Poyferré is closer to Port than to wine. Las Cases has a better evolution in the decanter than others. Conclusion still is: avoid 2009!